Problem Identified

Nowadays price of high quality/good food are quite high especially in eating joints near workplaces. Moreover it is not easy to locate a decent place to eat out or order food daily. Most of the junk food is available in these surroundings which leads to unhealthy eating habbits. People resort to ordering food from tiffin services or eat at office catering but sooner or latter get bored of the same kind of food all the time.

I did a survey at my office and it is quite astonishing that, 5 out 10 love to cook food. However they don't find time or motivation to cook daily/prepare lunch. Most of them lose their interest in cooking food due no time or having being tired after work. So the facility of cooking food after office hours within the office premises with the help of other colleagues for everyone to dinner together. These gathering will increase social interaction among the colleagues and at the same time they can take away food back to their homes.

An app that helps in communication for self cooking in office premises/ public / open cooking areas.

User Experience Map

In Future

Design an application that will provide a platform to communicate between each other related to their task details and time. It has additional feature how to cook good food and recipes. And also design the place for cooking .
Thank you for your valuable time